In the Dead of Winter / Jan 23-25

Basia Bulat | Dana Beeler | Danny Michel | Field Assembly| Fiver | Fraser McCallum

Gavin Simms| Jadea Kelly | Jenn Grant | Jim Bryson | Kathleen Edwards| Katie Baggs | Mike Dixon | Mike Trask

Olenka Krakus | Ostrea Lake | Peter Katz | Quiet Parade| Ryan Hillier| Sageev Oore | Scarlett Jane | Steve Maloney

Steve Poltz | Stewart Legere | Suzie Vinnick | Tanya Tagaq | Taryn Kawaja | Thom Swift | Timber Timbre

Rising Star New Artist of the Year nomination!

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East Coast Music Review

CBC’s Bob Mersereau wrote a review of the album a few weeks ago, here’s an excerpt :

“Simms creates a warm bed for his tunes, with lots of rich acoustic sounds from violin and viola, stand-up bass, banjo, and some big group vocals. Simms himself has a mellow, emotive voice, and it fits perfectly with the violin, which weaves its way through most of the songs.

The song arrangements really stand out, with powerful instrumental breaks, grand harmonies, and an intensity even with the intimate and somewhat quiet nature of the songs. There isn’t an electric instrument on the album, and it’s proof you don’t need them if the material and mix is right. The vibe is early 70’s, a peak period of course for folk-rock, but he’s no copycat, I can’t think of any names for an obvious comparison, but if you’re a fan of Cat Stevens, Harvest, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, the McGarrigles, that era, this fits nicely.”

You can check it out the full review here.